Hydrogen station control system


The hydrogen refueling station control system consists of a gas station charging management system and an operation monitoring system to realize the query statistics and reportsof the hydrogen refueling station transaction data.

Output, safety operation monitoring of hydrogen refueling station equipment.

Gas station operation monitoring system consists of PLC control cabinet, hydrogen compressor control cabinet, hydrogen leak alarm system, ESD system, industrial control computer

And the composition of the SCADA system.

A plurality of hydrogen refueling station control systems form a network to achieve unified supervision of multiple hydrogen refueling stations.

Safe and reliable: The device with SIL safety level controls the dedicated UPS to ensure safe and stable operation of the equipment.

Good interaction: large-size touch screen man-machine interface, intuitive display of process flow, system operation status, easy to operate.

Hydrogenation management: intelligent information hydro-management system, providing hydro-monitoring and rich query and management functions.

Cloud Zhilian: Cloud interface, realizes intelligent remote transmission, monitoring, and on-duty functions. Have height and confidence.

Remote operation and maintenance: with remote maintenance. You use, I maintain, the equipment is safe to run, and it is guaranteed.

Remote APP: supporting APP, safe operation and management of the site, timely understanding of the running status of the site device anytime, anywhere.