Yi Ping, a staff member of Houpu Holding, won the Excellence Award in the High-tech Zone of Chengdu Million Employees Maintenance Electrician Competition

  • 2019-08-30

On August 30th, the "2019 Chengdu Million Staff MaintenanceElectrician Competition (High-tech Zone)" ended successfully.The competition was hosted by the Chengdu High-tech Zone TradeUnion Office, the Chengdu High-tech Zone Grassroots Governance and SocialAffairs Bureau, the Cooperation Street General Union and the State Grid ChengduHigh-tech Power Supply Company Trade Union Committee, attracting more than 60players from more than 20 high-tech enterprises toParticipate in the competition.Five employees of Houpu company participated inthe competition. After a full day of intense competition, Yiping, an employeeof our engineering and technical service department, won the Excellence Award!


The competition consists of two parts: the theoreticalwritten test and the practical operation project, covering the first part ofthe electric shock (cardiopulmonary resuscitation method), the use of themega-ohm resistance meter (shake table), and the operation of the low-voltagepower distribution cabinet. In the competition, our staff fully demonstratedthe operational skills in the actual work on the spot, focused on the theoryand practice, and showed a high level of comprehensive analysis and judgment ability.

Through the technical training and skill exchange ofthis competition, the overall quality of our skill staff team has beeneffectively improved, and the enthusiasm of employees to learn technology,drill business and practice skills has been stimulated, and the deeptheoretical foundation and skill level have been explored and cultivated.Maintenance professionals have laid a solid foundation.