Win the bid

  • 2019-04-29

Recently, our company has won the bidding of the city expansion project--hydrogenation unit needed by Qinglin Shanghai Project of Sinopec Nanguang (Shanghai) Industrial Co., Ltd. , and the bidding was organized by Sinopec International Business Co., Ltd. The project was the largest scaled construction item of hydrogen refueling station planned by Sinopec Group, had very important promotion for hydrogen energy infrastructure construction of Shanghai City and will generate positive model and leading effect. Sinopec highly valued and showed prudence for the bidding, so it had not only select and evaluate the partner in all over the country, but also organized expert team to make field visit to the bidders strictly. The competition of the bidding was ferocious, and our company stood out and won the bidding, which showed the comprehensive strength of our company.  Meanwhile, it also marked the advantages of our company in the application technology field of hydrogenation unit have been admitted by the industry, which meant the research and study of hydrogenation units of Houpu has entered maturation and large scale. As a forerunner enterprise that contacted hydrogen energy quite early, Houpu has six years’ technology experience in the research and production of the hydrogen refueling station equipment. In the future, Houpu will keep improving its core technology edges, expand investment and focus on the hydrogen energy market and promote the industrial development of hydrogen energy application.