Good news! Warmly congratulate the staff of the Company is awarded "2019 High-tech Craftsman"

  • 2019-04-24

To accelerate the construction of high-quality modernized industry system, nurture “Craftsmen of Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone” and develop craftsmen spirit, the  Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone of Chengdu City has carried out “Craftsmen of Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone” themed selection activity according to the document spirit of Five-Year Plan of Implementation of “Chengdu Craftsmen” Chengdu Municipal People’s Government Clerical Office of Chinese Communist Municipal Party Committee Clerical Office .Yi Ping, from the engineering technology service center of our company, has been awarded the honorary title of “Craftsmen of Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone”. Yi Ping has been to the company since 2009, and he has worked as software/hardware development engineers, mechanical engineering design engineer, debugging and after-sales service engineer, and he has worked in engineering installation, construction management, project quality and security supervision, building cost of projects, pre-settlement, technology upgrading and rebuilding, etc. He held the belief of “hard work, endurance, pragmatism, enterprise and gratitude” in his work, insisted on practicing more, operating more, experiencing more, exploring more, improving quality and efficiency and pursuing perfection, and he has accomplished tasks successfully once and again. Meanwhile, he has trained many outstanding technical service engineers for the company. Any achievement is inseparable from the staff's own efforts, specialized craftsmen culture and the craftsmen creation platform of the company. We will take “Craftsmen of Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone” as an example, start from our own work, love and dedicate to our jobs, and we will cultivate concentration, make perfection more perfect, develop the spirit of meticulosity, pursue excellent professional qualification, hold the spirit of “craftsmen’s belief”, inherit “craftsmen’s spirit” and firmly promote the production, quality, technology and management of the company with stronger determination, more persistent drive and more practical attitude. In the future, Houpu, the fertile land, will cultivate more “craftsmen” and more models of the industry.