The 5th Technology Conference is successfully held by Houpu

  • 2019-04-12

On 10am, April 10, 2019, Houpu research institute has successfully held “the Fifth Section of Technology Conference” under the care and support of the corporation leaders. Huang Yaohui, General Manager of the corporation, Liao Jinbing, vice general manager of the corporation, Wang Hualing and Bai Xin, assistants of the general manager and Wang Jun, head of the research institute of Houpu Group have attended the conference. The aim of the conference was to inspire the work activity of the scientific personnel and to promote the high-efficient and stable development of the technology cause. During 2018, all scientific and technical personnel of the research institute forge ahead with determination and strive forward, have achieved greatly in technology research, scientific innovation and scientific management, and have made active contribution for the technologies of the company. They have harvested 28 authorized patents which include 5 patents for invention and 23 patents for utility models, and achieved 15 software copyrights. 18 research and development projects have been accepted. They have applied and accepted 42 government science and technology funding projects, got approved fund of 20.4295 million Yuan, and have received 26.4355 million Yuan. The research institute have won the title of “innovation and demonstration center of Chengdu municipal manufacturing” “Sichuan Provincial Science & Technology Progress Award (third class)” “Chengdu Science & Technology Progress Award (second class)” and other honors. The “case-skid refueling device” has been identified as the first set product, and “pontoon-type LNG refueling station” has been identified as the first set product of Sichuan Province, and “35MPa skid-mounted hydrogen refueling device” was evaluated as “nationally advanced level” in the overall technology. At the beginning of the meeting, Wang Jun, the head of the research institute of Houpu, had made work statement of the research institute to all the conferees. In the statement, he summarized the work of 2018 and pointed out the work plan and work goals in 2019. Wang Jun raised hopes for all the scientific personnel, and he hoped all of the scientific personnel can make persistent efforts, work with down-to-earth spirit, innovative work passion and abundant work energies, and actively boost each work effectively by centering on the work goal and task of 2019.

1 (1)
Picture 1: Wang Jun,  the head of the research institute , is holding the honor giving activity of the work statement

The leaders of the company respectively presented certificates of honor and bonus to the award representatives of the winners of “outstanding research and study personnel award”  “excellent research and study project award” “award for scientific and technological advancement” “technical progress award of industry” “intellectual property award” “project acceptance prize” and “achievement evaluation award”.

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Picture two: the first class prize of “excellent research and study project award”;

1 (3)
picture three: the second class prize of “excellent research and study project award”;

1 (4)

picture four: the third class prize of “excellent research and study project award”;

1 (5)

picture five: award for scientific and technological advancement;

1 (6)
picture six: technical progress award of industry.

ice general manager Liao Jinbing made a retrospect on the development experience of the research and study team of the company, pointed out the future research and study direction of the research institute and emphasized the goal of 2019 was to carry back loss and keep profits, to strengthen the system construction of the research institute and to continuously focus on the development of new energy industry.

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The later work of the company will wholly support the work of the research institute, promote communication in daily work, construct excellent research and study environment for the research staff, and he hoped the research staff can settle down in their jobs and try their best to make innovations. In the end, general manager Huang Yaohui made a summary for the scientific conference. She pointed out the nature of enterprise management was to simplify complex issues, datamation of simple issues, sequence datamation issues and systemize sequential issues. The future orientation of the research institute should focus on “increasing efficiency, reducing cost, concerning about cutting-edge technology, productization and industrialization of cutting-edge technologies”. She hoped the research staff can maintain the innovation spirit, emancipate mind and improve the economic efficiency of the company. The company will strongly support the research and study work, and it is hoped more scientific and innovative projects can appear in the future. Scientific innovation is the core of the company’s technology development. The mission of the scientific staff is tough and glorious, with a long way to go. All the scientific staff should stay true to the mission, contribute intelligence, create new achievements and glories again.