Informatization Operation Monitoring Platform
Informatization Operation Monitoring Management System

The LNG/CNG stationinformatization integration network management system combines the technologyof network with IC card, database and electronic technique and thereforeprovides the customers a convenient shared-resource informatization management platformof   stable performance and high-efficiency andrealizes the functions of group centralized management, regional one-cardmanagement and connection to the bank. It includes the following 3 kinds ofsystems:

1、   Stationmanagement system: It has the function of data collection, transmission,monitoring and management of the equipment in one station. Besides the fillingequipment management system, the station monitoring management system and datatransmission system, the station management system also contains videosurveillance system and vehicle cylinder informatization integration monitoringmanagement system based on RFID tag technology.

2、   Regionalmanagement system: It has the function of data exchange of different station,connection to the bank with IC card, data inquiry on the website. Besides thecenter data transmission system, center website IC card management system andcenter website data inquiry and statistics system, it can also expand the datainterface connected with the bank, finance and other third parties.

3、   Groupmanagement system: Summarized regional data can be inquired and it provides thegroup decision-making basis for management.